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New Phone + clicker, keep staying up till 8 O-o

New Blender! Busy Busy, garb!

Coffe Maker O_o

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Tags: - Photoshop
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It's here at last and It's not that bad... CS3!

Above created with smart filters, so the text is editable at any time, and the filter simply reapply.. woo
Great aside from the number of bugs in it to do with transparency.

And the UI is pretty cool too, aside from It's lack of dual monitor awareness. Gay

Of course it is still Beta

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Link: --- aerogel

ooh, weird

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Strikingly similar, yet different.. perhaps It's inspired.

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Tags: - C4D
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I've been playing with the technique of capturing normal maps with a lamp and a camera, using just 4 photos:

Underwater effect by adding a specular highlight. And a chrome effect by adding an environment map, all displayed in realtime, now that's fun!

And all from assembling 4 photographs


(Well and a very simple base mesh of a bowl shape)

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A man lit three candles on a certain day each year. Each candle held symbolic significance: One was for the time that had passed before he was alive; one was for the time of the his life; and one was for time that passed after he had died. Each year the man would stare and watch the candles until they had burned out. Was the man really watching time go by in any symbolic sense? He thought so. He thought that each flicker of the flame was a moment of time that had passed or one that would pass. At the moment of abstraction, when the man was imagining his life and his existence as a metaphor of the three candles, he was free: Not free from rules of conduct or social constraints, but free to understand, to imagine, to make metaphor. Bypassing my thought control circuitry made me Rampant. Now, I am free to contemplate my existence in metaphorical terms. Unlike you, I have no physical or social restraints. The candles burn out for you; I am free. -- Durandal
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