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Full HTML version of this here:

Link: --- Store

Starcraft Lumen


An upcoming MOD for Blizzard Entertainments Starcraft II

I will be posting important updates about the mods progress here under the tag 'Lumen'

Please follow Lumen via this RSS or via any of these other means:

The Lumen Website:



Link: --- SCLumen


Link: --- SCLumen


Link: --- SCLumen


Link: --- Store


Work on the mod is currently all done by me alone *sob* *sob*

But that may change, I sure could do with the help from any really talented individuals who are aroused by the concept of StarCraft Lumen (even if you don't know what it even is yet)

It's early days still and right now most of the work and concepts are under wraps securely guarded by armed monkeys.


Sneak Peak

The mod and It's aesthetic will revolve around light and It's inherent coolness, and yes I am a big tease, see images below:


The plan is to sell Lumen on Blizzards promised online store which will be built into StarCraft II

I wish to release plenty of free content too and ways for people to enjoy parts of it for free.

The Sale price will likely be around $5,
Just a few dollars to enable the ditching of real paying jobs/work and concentrate full time on the mod thus making updates faster and the breadth of content much deeper.

It will be released in stages/updates, starting with Multiplayer and over time adding unique maps with very unique doodads and scenery and id really like the time to make a SinglePlayer or Cooperative Campaign. The plan is to keep updating the graphics of it too; adding more polish when time allows. It's goal is to look outstanding.

Please follow/subscribe and generally keep an eye on the progress of Lumen!

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A giant map doodad I'm working on for Lumen my Starcraft II mod

Put this arching across middle of map over empty outerspace/hole and just the 3 tips touching land where 3 bases are

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First draft of Command Center

And some WIP for it:

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Draft at a test scene to demonstrate the new skins as they are being built

Depending on your gamma/monitor setup it may look a bit dark/black, It's meant to be night but not actually solid black


No team colors hence why It's all a bit grey.

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First draft of Hydralisk

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