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It's official I have a drink problem... in that I have too many!

Just received delivery of some more spirits id been eyeing up online. And yesterday I received the first part of my shipment of spicy spicy hot sauces... liquid pleasures indeed

Slightly obsessive? hoardish?... probably, given the drinks are all quite expensive for what they are, but at the same time I blow more on a monthly basis on train travel and taxis easily... and that really is depressing... this however fills me with joy

Most of this is all exploratory, finding things I like, some I like some I don't, I will admit there is a disproportionate number of cherry brandy and baileys bottles there *grins* I love that stuff.

A couple of the hot sauces are really nice too, the 'Pain is Good' ones, lots of BBQ flavour and while they are spicy they are not instantly lethal like the other 3 I got at the same time... the Red one on in the far corner is insane, but interesting at the same time, it has a weird deep burn that starts in the throat then your tongue explodes and you start panicking -_-

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