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Here I will be collecting tools and methods for advanced rendering. I have another post focussing on the volumetric end of advanced rendering.

Link: www.indigorenderer.com --- blog

-- Tools --

Link: www.maxwellrender.com

Physically Accurate renderer, very slow, Can render very real SSS type surfaces and accurate Color Dispersion for effect like color splitting in glass or diamond, and thin film effects like coloration on Bubbles. Cannot render volumetrics
SSS - Subsurface Scattering

Can simulate a Camera Lens, Flare, Bloom, Bokeh very well (can work as a post effect on any HDR image you send it also)


Accurate Caustics:

Accurate DOF and motionblur:

Link: www.indigorenderer.com

PC only, FREE, similar to Maxwell in It's goals.. plus It's also slow
Dispersion and Aberration:

Here It's rendering what appears like volumetric effect using SSS, which is an interesting idea as they are essentially the same thing when your computing it accurately:

Vray and Vray4C4D

Link: www.chaosgroup.com

Link: www.vrayforc4d.com

Vray is brilliant and my rendering engine of choice right now, but It can't yet do accurate dispersion, aberration or volumetrics
I think It's DOF and motion blur are fairly accurate (some things missing for C4D right now), and it can simulate bokeh
Volumetric rendering isn't added yet, but It's coming eventually if these examples are anything to go by:

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-- Examples --

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Inspiration

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Math Art

Here are some examples of Math Art and some links on the matter:

Link: www.bathsheba.com

Link: www.evolution-of-genius.de

-- Tools --

Finally!! found a program for creating math type art, this is awesome!
I've been looking for a program like this for years now, and it runs on Mac... woo! and is free!!! double woo!

Link: www.topmod3d.org

is a free, open source, portable, platform independent topological mesh modeling system that allows users to create high genus 2-manifold meshes.
Just did the following with Topmod3d playing about:

Link: paraclouding.com --- home

Link: www.remotion4d.net

Link: 3d-xplormath.org

Works on Mac and PC, has 3D export too in the Java version

Link: leofink.de --- gaston

Mac only right now, no 3D export, but It's fun and realtime:

Link: projects.gandreas.com --- quadriumflame

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Has all kinds of free brushes you can download:

Link: Qbrushes.com

So you too can follow everyone else in style and substance for that not YET dated 21st century style

You too then can paint with light!

Below was achieved using special magical powers... well, not really, go learn about 32bit, then go play with 32bit in Photoshop and think in terms of light and wavelengths instead of that old fangled 256 levels of RGB your brain has been likely used to for so long... so 19th century.

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My latest animation looks like a scale model! a really photorealistic, shot with an old ass broken camera scale model... the lack of real details in the model and the large Depth of Field and vignette blurring have a lot to do with it I think.
Movie linked below:

Linear Workflow, I love you!
Before and After, difference is done in AE Post with use of color profile conversion to simulate film A realistic form of tonemapping in a way.

Details on Linear Workflow, general 32bit color ness and jazz to be found at the following link:
Good site full of info on Cinematography, Color Correction, 32bit Linear Workflow etc etc:

Link: prolost.blogspot.com

For tone-mapping in AE to make it look film like:

Link: fnordware.blogspot.com --- hdr-tone-mapping-using-film-profiles

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Heres the Movie so far, this is a rough render at very low FPS:

I'm going for the realistic/film look with hand held camera, I want to have some really nice fluctuating DOF and motionblur along with overly hazy bloom with a scratched/drity lens effect.

Doing the DOF could be a nightmare and I don't think I'll bother, Motion blur would be nice to do in vray but I'll probably end up doing it in post with ReelSmart MotionBlur? or something.. hopefully I can get a nice enough effect.

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