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Just been tweaking and materializing a sofa I got from Evermotion:

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Link: --- even-more-amazing-3d-chalk-art

Link: --- amazing-3d-chalk-art

Cool wall painting:

And in a similiar vein:

Link: --- camouflage-body-painting-17-photos

This looks like what I've been trying to create with particles, someone beat me to it with glass!

Link: --- bending-light-color-with-alan-jaras

Link: --- set-72057594061844447

Link: --- 72157594422498771

What I'm trying to do with volume renderings draws many parallels with xray photography too in terms of the aesthetic look.
Xray photography has this interesting way of turning normal objects into vector like, stylistic representations, Objects look like they are made from light:



Link: --- nike-burguer-air-max-90-by-olle-hemmendorff

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