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Doing some material tests, so I created this weird widget for testing them... he's friendly honest, Introducing friendly material test widget guy:

Faking Color Dispersion, this is done by rendering it 3 times with slightly different IOR value. Then puting each render into R, G and B channels in photoshop.

1st = one pass, 2nd = 3 passes joined, 3rd = Post Effects

In future vray versions for C4D you should be able to do this effect in 1 render using Blend materials... which would be nice as this naturally takes 3x longer to render! and is a fiddle

The GI is quite low and is only using GI caustics so It's quite blurry.

Reference Photo:

($16 million for the above, my render cost considerably less)

And here a bigger render:

And in green:

The fancy bloom/drity lens effect is done in post by Maxwell's Simulens, render done by Vray

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Working on re-rendering some old engineering visualizations:

Struggled to clean up the CAD model for the above cog. It's much better but It's still got glitches in it. Render took 30 Minutes at 1920x1200 with brute force.

And some Post Work for a different look:

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Polished an old piece, still needs more to it, but this will do for now.

And before:

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Just found how to make my own Vray material preview model. Normal the material previews look kinda rubish regarding reflections, as they all use 8bit images for the reflection image, and the image is usually rubish. No good for determining your real specular.

Below, the first is a normal material preview, and the 2nd is my one using my own HDRI for reflection. Exactly same material... honest!

And I made one with a grid behind it, possibilities are endless. Should make one for testing SSS materials too with a backlight behind a cube

And another tip, shift drag in the material preview an it rotates the object.

Finally useful material previews! Tadda!

The material preview files are stored next to Cinema 4D in It's Library/Material Previews/ folder

You need to edit/duplicate Object 01, I just inserted a large Sphere, inverted It's normals and put a VRAY material on it with a HDR in the luminance channel. It must be a Vray material not a C4D one. Be carefull what changes you make as it can crash Vray in some cases at with with C4DR10. Also make sure that HDRI image you use is locally referenced/next to the file or in your Tex folder.

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Just been re-doing a one of my dad's renders. He's good at modeling but rubbish when it comes to materials/rendering etc

My Dad's:

And mine:

Tweaked a few things, moved the cloth about to make it fit the violin better/closer

Some photoshop post work, the usual vignettes, subtle colorization and a central highlight

It still needs some work, but this is totally presentable, I'll keep it on back burner to go back and improve the blue material to be more interesting and photographic like the reference photos here:

And rabbits.. just cus:

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I thought this was coming in a future version of Vray but I just found it already has it! Area lights that can use an image as a source, for hemispheric/spherical area lights. Which makes it hella fast to light a scene with an image.

This is what I'm working on right now, Still lots to do, trying to get SSS to behave:

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