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I've been real busy the past month or so with a Flash based Kiosk.

The design was done by someone else, provided as layered psd's. My job was to put them into Flash and make them.. well make them do stuff. To populate the design with data from XML files and make it interactive and work. All the usual stuff was involved, Parsing XML, Printing, Shopping Carts, Loading and playing Video and lots of dynamic loading of images and data.

Not much point in me showing it you as all my work was the interactive side of it...

well I guess I can link you to a fully working copy. As of writing It's not designed for use on the web so may be slow and or die if you go to fast for it (before It's finished loading)


It's all copyright someone or other, and is the work of many separate people. And yes It's all in French!

Also I did not design how it works, some bits I had a bit of input on, but it has many faults/weird things about it, strange assumptions and general stupidity which I can't be held responsible for!

It normally has a woman speak on every page, via a alpha masked video overlay, I have removed this as it annoys the crap out of me.

Also of note, I had nothing to do with the code that applies paint/wallpapers to the Room Scene. That was someone else, I just had to communicate with that.

And if you click the Logo in the top left on the decorating/room scene page:

And type in 12345

You get to a admin type mode where you can freely and more conveniently decorate things.

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