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I'm not exactly in the seasonal spirit this year, it has to be said

'There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child'


Just did my Christmas shopping, checked out the iPhone and the new iMac in the flesh, gotta be said the new iMac is amazing, most gorgeous thing ever. I'm always amazed at how apple finds a way to constantly refine what I keep thinking couldn't get any better.

Swarms of... uhm ethnic minorities in hoodies hurding round the iPhones. I'm not racist i've always said I hate everybody equally, but my god, every single one of them stunk. Stereotypes exist for a reason and It's almost like wearing a hoodie is becoming a personal statement about your hygiene now.. at least it was in this Apple Store.

I had to leave in the end it was assaulting my senses.


The manual for Adobe Flex is terrible, you basically have to already know what your doing for it to make any sense. It's like reading a legal document most of the time at best, and at worst like a riddle or an iq test.

I can't get basic things to work because the examples are all incomplete or don't work, not helped by the fact this is beta and the stuff online is talking about beta version 2 and I\'m using v3

None of the examples seems to work as is, they are missing things or don't explain how to tie them up into a working example. It expects you to already know how to glue them in and what they are doing.

So I'm basically going to have to read and learn the whole manual/program in order to complete any one example.

*sarcastically claps*

I learn by examples, I get something that does what I want and then I pick it apart to find out how it works by systematically breaking it


reverse engineer really. Some of the examples are just overly complex and do 100 things to demonstrate 1 simple thing making it impossible to reverse engineer, added to the fact the thing doesn't even work to begin with.

All I'm trying to do is change the native menu items... 3 hours I spent on it and got nothing. I'm not that stupid.

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