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A sweeping statement I'm aware, but seriously, I see it countless times:

In what universe do reflections take up less space than the item being reflected, It's as bad as drawing cups in perspective with a flat bottom, as bad as drawing people with arms coming out there sides, exactly the sort of thing you can be forgiven for only if you pre school and have some flawed mental model of how the world works.

Use your eyes people! goto life drawing class or something!


Also, relating to this art by the same guy (im not picking on you honest)

A great deal of art lately looks like this, and I\'m somewhat a fan of it in moderation, but It's almost always so flat looking. 2D designer listen up, get more spatially aware, things can exist in depth too you've spent too much time in photoshop on a computer screen.

Ill forgive them for the most part as It's particularly hard to integrate vector and stock photos together in 3D space



This is better, it has depth, though It's almost entirely the original photograph, you lazy bastard.
Oh that and the women looks retarded, seriously, am I the only person who thinks skinny women that look like this are retarded.

Steps to good design, step 1: Insert glamourous model that's underweight and takes self too seriously, step 2... there is no step 2!


Nice engrish

Nice somehow has put up for download all/most the Channel 4 idents (Which I Love)

Link: --- four-to-the-floor-the-possibly-complete-collection


I've been trying to fix my RSS feed so when I make changes they get flagged as so, but It's not working... at least it doesn't appear to be working. It's driving me quite mad. I could do with a programming/rss/php parsing genius right about now.

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Need to vectorize a logo.. look no further than... a website???


I just handed it this bitmap:

And it gave me this:

Not bad, it screwed up the little R, but I didn't want that anyway


Or just go here if It's a logo



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You know what would be really handy, photos of models/objects that have depth information and/or normal directions

Depth information should suffice as from that alone you can generate a normal map and that gives you all kinds of power like relighting a photograph from different angle, shadow casting, adding reflections/specular. At the moment integrating a photo into a 3D comp either still or worse; in motion, is a real pain in the ass/impossible

2D Comp work in general just looks so flat when they try and integrate photographic elements.

I'm going to have a go at faking it, I imagine I will be largely unsuccessful, but I won't know till I try


check out ZbornToy if you want a better idea of what I\'m on about. In fact just check it out anyway, It's freaky

Heres the original photograph

Heres a real quick draft

It works better than I thought, It's far from perfect I only messed about with it for a few minutes. It definitely brings greater flexibility if you want to quickly integrate an images lighting, and you can adjust the lighting in realtime.

If it was done properly you could even change camera angle somewhat

More refined model (started from scratch using another method, It's still really basic)

Really It's amazing it works at all given how crude the model/displacement is... I\'m not even going to show the mesh as It's so bad


To be done properly/easy it should be done in either Modo 301 or Zbrush, or by someone more skilled at modelling than me

whatever way you look at it, It's a damn site faster/more powerful than hand painting in lighting changes, at least for organic shapes

Original (badly masked, just for a quick test) followed by my alterations

Again using a very rough model

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One of several weird math art type blob things I've created recently

Link: --- Math Art

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Nup, I don't know what it is.

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