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Getting a bit more abstract now with my flowery visions *shrugs*

It needs some kind of backdrop my first thoughts are putting it inside some tunnel like hole that surrounds the swirly path of the vine

I draw by hand a path around the shape of the vine and Lathe it to form the following dirty hole:

Subpoly displacement is awesome! (and slow)

Add some specular and moss grass type thing, as mud surrounding flowers isn't particularly cute

I've created some breaks in the outerwall to let light in and make it more interesting

A lighting test with displacement turned off, trying to position a sun type light to cast a shadow + strong burnt out glow on the grassy side, the logic being moss/grass would grow in the sun lit areas and not in the dark shaded part.

Tweaked the lighting by changing the environment map to a sunset type HDR and changing It's hue. Also changed the sun light to an area light so it casts a softer shadow. The HDR is flooding light in at a horizontal angle now which is lighting up the hole on the right, which is something I wanted. The GI Quality is here is lowest hence the weird blue dots on the left.

1 hour 20 in on lowest GI!!

This is with the Displacement on and It's killing the render times when in combination with GI, I don't even want to think how slow it will be with the vine/leaves turned on. And to think, I was planning on adding hairs to the moss to make it grassy... forget that! my computer will esplode!

I think I have rather incorrect GI settings, for use with sub-poly displacement.. I have some ideas! (reads manual)

3 hours 25 in..... definitely need some optimizations

render with GI = 10 minutes, render with Displacement = 10 minutes, render with Displacement and GI = infinity

Would help if the manual for this was both complete and not in engrish:

"This will result inpoorer results of course but nrings speed advantages. Specially for
previews you can turm of the seondary engine, or if you have scenes that not at all
use any glossy effects."

ah well that's beta software for you.

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Just messing with XFrog for Cinema, I did'nt make this flower, just been playing with It's materials to get it to render with vray and not look like crap.
Getting annoyed at Cinema for crashing when using large .exr's and having poor alpha mask support regarding straight alphas

It's a bit of a basic model to get this up close to, but I\'m just here to test SSS and backlit surfaces, and have concluded that nothing can do it properly, at least nothing I have.

Same Image + some postwork in Photoshop
im not wasting any more time on flowers


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Does it make me a bad, perhaps egotistical person to link to my own website for inspiration... sure it does! *does it anyway*

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Y2007-Mo10-Lilly

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I created a fluid simulation a while ago and have been trying to find a way to pick out select particles and trace them, this turned out more difficult than one would expect. Requiring me to learn a new programming language (Python) in order to create something in realflow to pick out particles and clone them into a new emitter allowing for export to Cinema 4D.

FInally finished the python code to do it and imported it into cinema for some rough test renders:

Just created something that will trace the particles within realflow, allowing it to be meshed in realflow:

Realflow's execution of Python is unbelievably slow to the point of being useless, that or I''m doing something really wrong

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I've been shopping around for 24" LCD's

first of all Apples is clearly the best in terms of looks, and is a pretty darn good display also with one of the best REAL viewing angles

but it has no inputs, so I could'nt use it with my PS3 or Xbox 360... aand It's now a lot more expensive aaand It's not 24" It's 23"

So whats the next best thing.... a Dell??? surely not!

It's been a toss up between a BENQ with It's slightly gay stand and a DELL with It's slightly less gay stand

I can't imagine why It's so difficult for them all to design none crappy stands, but only Apple has a good stand:

I mean what's so hard, a bit of curved metal... simple, elegant, no no, lets make some large piece of curvy plastic, that'll be nice.... *shakes head*

The Apple display is just so sexy in comparison it makes me want to cry.

It's been a nightmare finding out how good/bad the monitors really are with the differing inputs

problems such as wrong letterboxing, flickering, blockyness, plain not working, bad contrast/color, wrong overscanning, no support for 1080, no support for HDCP at 1080 all plague the display depending on if the input is over VGA, DVI, HDMI, Component or Composite, and then differ again depending on if the material is 720p or 1080p or 1080i

any then some of those things differ between models and revisions of those models, of which there are at least 6 alone for the Dell 24"

so in the end, I've given up trying to find out if they work.. none of them do it all properly and may even have huge gaping omissions when it comes to advertised features even working. It really is easier to just buy all of them, and return the ones you don't like. Forget trying to figure it out in reviews.

I at least appreciate why now the Apple display doesn't have all these other inputs, it keeps it simple, and it does what it does very well, people with enough money will simply buy a huge HDTV instead of trying to jam it all onto a computer display, as I would too if I had such funds


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