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Tags: - C4D - Vray
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Does it make me a bad, perhaps egotistical person to link to my own website for inspiration... sure it does! *does it anyway*

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Y2007-Mo10-Lilly

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Tags: - C4D - Vray
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Just messing with XFrog for Cinema, I did'nt make this flower, just been playing with It's materials to get it to render with vray and not look like crap.
Getting annoyed at Cinema for crashing when using large .exr's and having poor alpha mask support regarding straight alphas

It's a bit of a basic model to get this up close to, but I\'m just here to test SSS and backlit surfaces, and have concluded that nothing can do it properly, at least nothing I have.

Same Image + some postwork in Photoshop
im not wasting any more time on flowers


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