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I'm going to Valencia.. woop woop

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Thats right, a shower gel dispenser in an oh so familiar to use manner

And just why, who sticks an Apple sticker on that thing, really, It's sacrilege

I want someone to make one of these! I've been asking for a transparent toaster for years! come on someone! make it a reality!

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New Final Cut Studio 2 from Apple and new CS3 Suite from Adobe, busy busy busy

And it had to be done *hacks boring default icons with some developed by some guy*

*hacks the icons done by some guy to be nicer*


I've started listening to my audiobooks on meditation and overcoming procrastination

I have been thinking about what the subconscious mind does, how you interact act with it and It's purpose


Wow, ok last night I had some kind of success, It was like I was conscious as I felt like I had been lifted out of my head and was surrounded by infinite blackness and at the same time my body felt like it was buzzing. It definitely felt like a separation of body and mind


I haven't been able to repeat my meditative success (albeit a brief one)

My mind is still in doubt that It's possible, and It's that doubt that stops me, so now I doubt I can get rid of my doubt. How retarded!

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Just trying out the new Flash CS3

This new Adobe UI is somewhat nicer but It's still got ruddy bits of Macromedia GUI left behind and It's well... It's bat shit insane

I thought they had learned from the lovely job they did with the AfterEffects GUI but no, It's absurd still, not in looks but in how it behaves and stacks etc.

It's also very inflexible when it comes to having dual displays and I imagine the absurdities will know echo across the entire suite of apps.

3 Steps forward and 2 steps back I think describes the new UI

I want a Dark or adjustable brightness GUI like AE has damnit!

It tries to do all these osx'isms like transparency fading in and out and live dragging, but it seriously fucks it up and ends up flickering and flashin random UI at you while animating at around 1 frame per second like some kind of bad PC port. It's redraw rate is terrible while collapsing palettes or resizing elements/windows.

The UI just make it feel like your using a 200mhz computer back on os8 or something. And I have a top of the line Mac here! so what gives!

At least It's not fugly, It's pretty nice overall to look at but to use.. It's rather flaky

Gar I owned Burnout Dominator at last (on PSP)

36 Burnout's in a row Maniac score of 1,485,629 woop (my previous best was like 500,000)
Oncoming 37,317ft
34 Near Misses
25,314 Drift
38 Burnouts total
1 crash (after my burnout chain had ended)

*dances*... ahem

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Just found an OS7 emulator!

Harr, memories... what a piece of shit this looks now


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