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This is the gayest shit I have ever seen

Link: --- petersFashionPage

Ok I\'m just gonna have to stop now... *is getting suitably freaked out*

Yah.. mooving on...

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As part of a job I'm doing I just received a free PSP


I was trying to clean it and noticed some dirt around the edges of the screen so I try and get it out with my finger nail only to accidently lift up something covering the screen, it created a little bubble and without thinking I removed the screen entirely to realize later it was an expensive screen protector.. doh.

So I try to put the screen back on, It's now covered in dust and dirt and is full of bubbles... yuck

So I attempt over and over to clean this thing, always to find 1 or 2 specs of dirt on it, which when left underneath create bubbles around them, very noticeable ones.

So over and over I try and clean it perfectly, but dust keeps coming out of no where, I find the best way is simply using a wet finger, clothes just bring more dust, but a wet finger is pretty good, just have to keep washing it over and over to wash away those pesky bits of dirt. Using this technique I finally get it down to a few minor dust particles and give up. In all the excitement I hadn't realized water was getting into the buttons along the bottom and even under the screen, between the plastic cover and the LCD glass! eep!

This is brought to my attention after I boot it up and notice the buttons acting erratically, volume changing on It's own.

So I remove the battery and leave it to dry for a while, I try it again and It's like the Select button is permanently held down, which means I can't do my job as It's booting me out the web browser as soon as I enter.

More leaving to try ensues, which is frustrating! I try again and it works! yay! and then... doesn't... boo!

I decide the only way this thing is gonna dry is if I take it apart, nervously I open it up and get dust on the inside of the case screen and on the glass... well that was to be expected. The erratic buttons are all on 1 board that removes quite easily, and I can clearly see visible damage from water oxidisation burning tracks across it.

So poop, I decide to remove the buttons entirely so I can at least do my work. I stab and poke the button pcb hoping to fix it n someway. I start looking online for replacements.

I try 1 last time to use the buttons before relegating them to the trash and... omg.. it works and it has worked since! so yay not all is lost


I still need to buy a replacement analog nubin though.
Also this thing is firmware 3.03 which means it can't be used for user created games and such, so I've been looking into downgrading it and upgrading to a custom 3.03 firmware which does, but this requires a copy of GTA LCS, spo I've been trying to acquire one, I found several on ebay but they are all selling for around £30-£40 because of It's unique properties


Well I bidded for one, and I was winning, yay for me, but damn I find one on Amazon for £5 less! nooo! don't win don't win!... I won the bid against all odds.... typical. But to my luck the guy pulled out because the UMD case turned out to be broken, so now I\'m waiting on the amazon purchase to materialize.... waiting.... and waiting... *itches*

Fortunately I found some free game demos you can play so this thing isn't completely useless

And this game rocks!

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Well I received it weeks ago, but I just Photographed it, It's fantastic, very quiet, stable and solid feeling. It's very well put together and aside from 1 thing It's brilliant.

That 1 thing is, the blue light, the blue light is cool and only shows when in the on/standby position. But for some reason Philips decided a blue light on It's own wasn't cool enough, so the 3 buttons bellow the dial blink repeatedly at the same time which is very annoying and unnecessary! wasting what could have been a perfectly nice blue ambience. So it stays in the off position as to not induce epilepsy.

Some small bits of food do get stuck at the bottom, even swilling won't get it out most of the time but putting some water in it and blending usually dislodges it, that is quite annoying.

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The best snowman in the world! with googly eyes!

no that's not my bum being exposed there calm down

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