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Got a mega headache now, worked on engineering animation today:

phew, just came off the bike... did'nt die as much this time, feel ok, thought about putting oiff because of my headache, yah, my body trying to cop out as usual, but I stood fast!


Playing in MoGraph:

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Meant to get up nice and early, but failed again... I need a reason to get up.

ahahahah, AMD have bought ATi *grumble*

Just messing in 3D:

*shrugs* It's art!

Thinking about buying a 23" and found these images:

Done by an angry partner... niice.

Spot the difference (there is one)

Ant farm in the making:

I put off going on the bike last night, and a few other nights, so I'm going to go on now and kill myself in the heat.

Changed my custom app switcher to work on dual monitors, if I press the button while cursor is one my left screen I get a big grid to place files/foldes and junk, if I'm on main screen I get an app switcher:

Static items are at the bottom, so I can locate easily as they don't ever change. Works great!

Gimme strength... wtf is this about... who does that, who clicks these! WHY!

Added pagination to my thumb browser along with file listing and the beginning of a system to deal with orphaned thumbnails.

Eeep I spent all day messing in Quartz Composer, 10+ hours !!!
Made some pretty animations though


Just watched the film 'The Butterfly Effect'

Wow, glad I got the directors cut, I just read up on the differences and they are quite huge, as you might expect the theatrical one lacked balls, I hate Hollywood for that.

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Well today is the first day of the rest of my life.. (again) sat around, did nothing, just... felt very hot. I imagine tomorrow will play out much the same.

I have made the iMac transparent:

well that's where the iMac lives and I set it as background

My UGLY Windows Xp running on my lovely Mac Mini:

Serving the Tv.

Ugh just spent ages fixing a new way to display stats on my desktop, Konfabulator is buggy as hell now Yahoo owns it, and It's getting worse + apple script has gone odd now for my one user *shrugs* so I'm now using GeekTool:

Nice and simple

Not long to go *anticipation*

mmmm my Sandwich:

I spent the last few days creating a thumbnail browser thing to replace iView now It's been acquired by Microshhhhhhhoft
It dynamically loads and creates thumbnails, and has collapsable folders.

Works really well now aside from a few things, such as pagination.

Ahahah Chris Murray Medley:

Spent an hour today cutting out pictures of Chris for Stuart's fitness class,

world class design:

Well this has been week 1 of my 'fitness' regime, It's not gone very well, but I expected that, my wrist still hurts which is a real kick back, can't risk doing anything while It's like this. *grumble* going to go punish myself on the bike for a while..

I've bust my phone, it didn't much like me knocking drink over it :-

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Wow where are we, so much time, so little Diary. Just fixed up script problems so now It's parsing okay minus some system related short comings. Time for some random pictures:

I moved all my diary related gear into a box (a disk image) It's nice and safe in It's little encrypted sand box.

Both me and my dad have dual screens now, he went an bought a crappy 19" LCD:

FYI, I themed Cinema4D recently, all pretty:

My re-occurring colour theme of choice, dark grey and bright orange.

I should get to work on this Intermedia stuff, but I can't be bothered, not into the swing of things yet

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