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I hav had the FLU forever!


Unable to do anything :'-(

Word of the day is Oxymoron to go with a phrase that I thought of as being of increasing relevance lately:

'A beautiful sadness'

Which I feel describes both Mac Richter's The Blue Notebooks Album and the film Requiem for a Dream.

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Progress, minimal

Just added navigation to the boxel, just minor niggles left to finish with it now. It's taken stupidly long to do, Flashes constant crashing doesn't help. It seems it gets quite upset when interrupted during loading clips.

aggahah I spent all day sorting my website sync out between webdav and home and my Dad just deleted it, for no reason. And then I went to copy it off the webdav onto the home comp and I moved it instead, so now I have to copy it to the webdav as well.

See If you observant enough to figure out what is going on in the 2 pictures below:

Well it was worth a try, a C+ for effort

I have decided that the Macromedia GUI team must consist of A drunken Dyslexic midget puppet with scoliosis ADHD a lisp and herpes, and a dead guy who died from HIV and has a criminal record consisting of raping puppets and eating small highland goats

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Would appear I'm not using this as much now at all, id say It's because I'm so busy working, but that isn't it


www.pandora.com rocks

My drunken mate just got back and attacked me with the fire extinguisher!

Brrrr cold

Something about my sleeping pattern isn't right again:


agagahha just got electrocuted again


this time by Stuarts new electro game thingy... oh the pain.
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The mystery of the broken toaster!

Barricaded Mark bwahaha

Mark got me carpet wet

Pre-Deja-vu Curb?

Oooh Celldweller rock

I love spotlight, I was looking for them back in 26/05/2003, finally got em.

Am I dumb? I sucked back at that numeracy test, and the more I think about it, the more I realize how hard I find basic math problems involving percentages and stuff. Solving things with brute force or just trying longer and harder. Why do I suck so bad at this!....

Ok I feel better now 'Albert Einstein flunked elementary math while in school'

Apparently geniuses suck at math, so I can be a genius and suck at math, percentages/ratios etc.

Shattered It's 6:21am and I'm dying of tiredness, but I have reached a milestone!
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Mocking up a new site design in Photoshop:

I just vacuumed this carpet, It's a POS all boggled, I think I vacuumed half the carpet up. Then I get electrocuted, another great day begins!
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