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Development included as: ''

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*rubs eyes* I'm awake, lets see if we can have a good solid day with stuff in the right order.

My Logo design concepts and work for my own logo:

Spinning vertically rapidly

My explorations into using 3 circles but in a 3d dimensional form. Playing with potential textures/materials I could use.

Development included as: ''

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Well I think this is the start of my day now... It's hard to describe how screwed up my sleeping pattern is right now.
I'll insert the iCal entry when the week is over. I think I;m addicted to coffee now too.

Wrote my own Application Switcher that I can trigger a button on my mouse.

Brrrrr ground frost

Just completed my Spineshank collection:

My parents are in bed so I can't appreciate it in full metal glory.

Dunno why it took me till now to install Xray for Flash 8. It's helping out a bit.

Added Folders to the App Switcher thing. Anything but work.


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Just got up at 5:45 pm

Bwahah, they are new best friends.

Just found and implemented a RSS to html PHP script. This convert my RSS diary into a html web page!
Standards are great!

Shame it took 4 hours


Ok so It's now 11:50pm, about to start work on the site again.

3:26, just had my breakfast, let's actually start work today!

I have been thinking about buying a new hard drive. I just worked out how much stuff I have... kinda scary.

I have 400gb in real HD space, 530gb including dvd's.
78gb of that is a backup of my main stuff. 100gb in floating media files. And.. I need another HD? no, I guess I don't but it would make life easier for certain plus 250gb is only £65.

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Wokeup at 6:00 pm today, oops.

Wow Windows 2, 1987, just got it for VPC, it is wicked lame!

OMG, brings back horrid memories

I nearly have a full set now!

My site in progress!

Some code cleaned up, but now it actually does less and is slightly broken, so, uhm, progress bars work now!

It's 11:30am and I still haven't gone to bed yet. Oh the crazy life I lead. Craaazy. I'm going off now to have a 'power nap' at least that's the plan.

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