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Well I think this is the start of my day now... It's hard to describe how screwed up my sleeping pattern is right now.
I'll insert the iCal entry when the week is over. I think I;m addicted to coffee now too.

Wrote my own Application Switcher that I can trigger a button on my mouse.

Brrrrr ground frost

Just completed my Spineshank collection:

My parents are in bed so I can't appreciate it in full metal glory.

Dunno why it took me till now to install Xray for Flash 8. It's helping out a bit.

Added Folders to the App Switcher thing. Anything but work.


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Just got up at 5:45 pm

Bwahah, they are new best friends.

Just found and implemented a RSS to html PHP script. This convert my RSS diary into a html web page!
Standards are great!

Shame it took 4 hours


Ok so It's now 11:50pm, about to start work on the site again.

3:26, just had my breakfast, let's actually start work today!

I have been thinking about buying a new hard drive. I just worked out how much stuff I have... kinda scary.

I have 400gb in real HD space, 530gb including dvd's.
78gb of that is a backup of my main stuff. 100gb in floating media files. And.. I need another HD? no, I guess I don't but it would make life easier for certain plus 250gb is only £65.

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Wokeup at 6:00 pm today, oops.

Wow Windows 2, 1987, just got it for VPC, it is wicked lame!

OMG, brings back horrid memories

I nearly have a full set now!

My site in progress!

Some code cleaned up, but now it actually does less and is slightly broken, so, uhm, progress bars work now!

It's 11:30am and I still haven't gone to bed yet. Oh the crazy life I lead. Craaazy. I'm going off now to have a 'power nap' at least that's the plan.

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Just finished writing a script to mine Apples trailers and dl 3 HD trailers every day (and only if I haven't seen them before)

It's only downloading the 780p movies, 1080 is well... stupid! 1920x1056 res, 200mb per trailer! crazy!
Works well, should give me something to look at in the morning


Ugh annoyances, apple updated iTunes:

Which is great, but you have to 'turn on ministore' every time you launch iTunes now. Ugh

Some bastard app just ate all the ram and proceeded to fill my disk with vm, It's gone now after cramming my startup disk. This is It's residue:

It was 4gb a minute ago.
Whole computer is slow as hell now as things try and find their way back into ram.
Oh wtf, this might be why too:

%124 CPU, It's not visibly doing anything either

Really I have no idea who was just using up my net, but they are banned now. I wish there was an easy way to see where the net is going to and what is using it. Say which app, which IP and how much with options to throttle or disconnect it.

It's 6am EEK time for bed.

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I am personally tolerant, what other people think and feel is entirely up to them. What I object to is whenever someone pushes something on someone else, the spread of a destructive idea or concept without equal attention to spreading intelligent open debate and healthy questioning. Tell me about anything, any idea, but do not tell me I cannot speak freely about my idea, and do not close your ears to my thoughts just because you are so sure of your own.

So here is a loose collection of unorganised thoughts on the matter, some people will find them offensive, I hate those people I hate how they are offended; I am ironically offended by how they are offended, and I have absolutely no control over how ignorant or angry those people are; and I am ok with this, because while I hate them, I am more concerned and hateful about running out of cheese, or banging my toe, that kind of hate not the sort where I want to turn to physical violence or anything... just that I would personally choose to distance my self and not waste any time talking with such people, but then I am like that with most people


I am mostly tired of worrying about causing offence. Like words are some kind of terrible weapon of harm, that to be offended is in anyway real and not totally imagined. But I don't want to have interactions with people who cannot tolerate disagreement, who cannot accept that other people think and feel differently. Which again creates another kind of irony that by my very not tolerating intolerant people I am in fact intolerant ;-D

I however would kindly avoid the subject with an individual present whom I know I will disagree with. As there is no worse waste of time than trying to convince someone who already convinced. Normal arguments you can educate and come to some kind of shared understanding, but religion being as absolute as it often is cannot exist in that realm of discussion, it by definition is impossible to argue with. And also because it is incredible mean and hurtful thing to attack someones core belief, they build an entire identity around it, it isn't something you can just convince away or reason with, only they can do that. However in an anonymous fashion I can say that person is to me; an idiot, a special kind of stupid, they might be nice, kind, but they are living in a weird imaginary world of make believe that I want to tear down and shake them awake from... but some people are just not built for reality; so that would be mean... but I still want to do it.

I think the annoyance comes from how I wish I had that luxury, of being able to live in a wonderful imaginary world where everything is secretly going to be ok and if it isn't ok It's because someone very nice and clever and omnipresent made it that way for reasons that are still ok making it still wonderful in some kind of abstract way and well it will all be ok when I die eventually so theres at least that. But more than that it can be an excuse to not think long and hard about things, about yourself, your conduct. It is a way of replacing hard thought with belief. And that to me is very dangerous. That is all very well and good when the beliefs they hold are in line with common sense good to all man kind, in fact it tends to make better citizens than without religion.... but when those beliefs are something else... then you get really dangerous hurtful stuff. So while beliefs can give structure and moral grounding it is a fake structure, it is a cheat, it is like being a good person because you were told
Religion is essentially a collection of ideas or beliefs. Any so what I talk about can equally apply to any collection of ideas and beliefs, whether it be that you have a lucky scarf, believe in reincarnation or think that StarTrek is superior to StarWars, these are all collections of ideas and beliefs that put you into a named cult of others who also share them.

To me Religion as I speak about it is the flaw of giving higher value to belief versus logic and known certainties ( science ) but that is still just an opinion.

Religion along with other beliefs often spread close mindedness. Ideas have a higher rate of infection amongst the young and for those people whom lack the mental equivalent of a mental immune system.

It's an infection of mind that is brought about by fundamental failures in human beings. And I\'m not entirely confident in our ability to out grow this like we have escaped our savage ancestry... but well have we even really done that yet. I have always been a pessimist though. As it is in our very nature, to want to believe in something more, that somehow we exist outside the laws of this physical law abiding reality. That we live on in some form or another, a soul if you must. It's exciting, it sure as hell beats the reality that it all ends in a full stop. Spirituality, souls, love, things we like to believe as magical, mysterious, become more interesting and somehow inherently special when compared to the dull logic and reason abiding consistency of science. However it is a self embellishment, much like day dreaming of sandy beaches, wishing to win the lottery and other flights of fancy.

For a moment believe that in whatever plausible way you can conceive, somehow at some level, perhaps even beyond what we are even capable of ever knowing, that something was behind all of reality. We can't help but love such ideas, the Matrix was such a huge success, in part due to lots of kicking and fighting, but also because it played into this unveiling of reality as something more than it appears.

The very fact we want to believe in such things so much and so inherently, should largely on that basis red flag it much like I keep snack food at a distance, I know I want it and for that reason it is dangerous to allow it in an uncontrolled way into my life. Anything we are compelled to do should be kept at safe distance for scrutiny, the problem with most people the scrutiny comes later, after it is already too late.

That is our nature though, you cannot expect everything to be studied, evaluated and risk assessed before It's entered into your mind. You would progress very slowly if this was the case, and especially in the case of children, they have evolved to learn fast ask questions later and in fact rely mostly on looking to others to see what is right and wrong, to take whatever others say as truth, a good survival quality for early life. It is this same trait in adult life which becomes a problem.

the more I look at it, the more the definition of an evolved virus fits
though in this case, It's born in oneself out of natural inbuilt fears and superstitions and then spread, and so cannot be wiped out for good, it is in all our DNA
much like our tendency to rape and plunder at the first opportunity, not that I'm connecting the two, the point is we carry a lot of behavioural baggage.

"Religion is an insult to human dignity. Without it you'd have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things, but for good people to do evil things it takes religion" -- Nobel prize winning physicist

I have concluded you cannot ban of block Religious Education even though it exploits and takes advantage of A child's nature to trust authority without question ( an evolved trait to speed essential early learning ). You must counter or balance Religious Education by equally informing not outlawing. Maybe having FreeThought lessons much in the manner they are required to attend traditional schooling, along with moral lessons and stories like the ancients greeks told, aeysops fables, or hell even watching episodes of StarTrek. We should learn how to have argument in a positive way, to discuss and tolerate, to be patient and to understand and listen. We would teach in the past with stories of heroes, who struggled and overcome adversity with patience and strength, honour and so on. Now we are taught by Tv personalities that teach us success is luck, taking what you want for yourself as an opportunist thief, being popular and getting attention.

Religion moves from generation to generation, it has became such an effective brain washing tool, much like any parasite becomes effective, by evolving alongside us.

Not only does the logic of evolutionary theory remove the need for a God from the equation, but it provides the explanation of the existence of religion itself.

I have yet to hear of a pioneering intellect have beliefs so strong as to a legitimatise immoral actions, and so I think we are safe in the hands of such great people, for they are inherently smart enough to not let religion encroach on our innate moral ideals. Religion has for a time been slipping under the radar, something to politely disagree with but stay quiet to avoid offence, however it is slowly presenting itself as a threat to the intellectual community, and I feel a general consensus growing that it should be fought outright and ignored no longer.

My problem isn't with religion though, though it makes a nice big obvious target. The problem is with stupid people, and not dumb stupid, but crazy illogically stupid which can be far harder to spot. Stupid people breading more stupid people. We are social creatures, more than any other animal we learn out behaviour, our morals from those around us. And we are now taught largely by the idols and role models on Tv, of celebrity and sports people. The worst kinds of people. At our most impressionable ages we are presented a demented exaggerated distorted view of the world. We are socially pushed into going to clubs, pubs, drinking heavily. The Music tells us what is right and wrong, the tv tells us.

What was out greatest trait, our evolved ability to learn from others around us. Is now our biggest weakness as we take on behaviours without even thinking about it. Our behaviour will become a product of whatever spreads the most, whatever is the most contagious of idea. And what is the most contagious of thoughts in a human mind?, greed and luck based fortune it would seem. But then it has always been that way, and maybe things are not so bad because of a good few people with the critical sense to question the status quo.

So in an ironic fashion, religion was the best antidote to unruly destructive behaviour. A more organised way of teaching us important lessons albeit in fairy tale form. So I think what is far worse than religion is if we removed it entirely and failed to replace it with other teachings. And that is exactly what has happened. People have struck religion from their lives and replaced it with nothing, other than watching reality Tv.

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Windy day, makes neighbours garden look even more splendid:


Big bunny

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