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iWorks new tools are pretty nice

I can't think of any apps they could add to the suites now, other than personal management app for say finances and time, which is a grey area they could move into. Time management and finances seems like a business orientated thing, but many people need it, but don't want to do it because the apps are business orientated and dull, it could bring management to a new personal level or organizing events and people, finances and projects. Organizing a meeting with someone on iChat, then recording that conversation and storing it, this could all link in with a better ability to string together events and items/people into a story or history and present it via a blog with iWeb. Much like I'm doing here, I don't know how interested other people are in doing this sort of thing though. There's the consumer end of things like visually seeing who you talked to with an inline picture and a transcript/recording with dates and events tied to pictures from iPhoto. And there's the pro side like project management tracking
Well It's 2:00am now, I haven't done any work yet, but I'm gonna make a push at tracking down a frustrating problem in Flash.

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I started my day, got up relatively early and then... did nothing really. I have download Apples website, I guess that's something. Looking at it in terms of design and in awe of a site that large. I have saved over 800 pages so far and I keep finding whole new section to the site. It's site map is useless to say the least. It's rather mind boggling how large it is.

Hah glitch on Apples Site:

They must be using shakes per pixel tracker to generate the motion blur and interpolate frames. It thinks the zooming image is coming from outside the imacs screen.

I'm sick of Apple stealing all my god damn design ideas before I get round to using them. It makes me look like I'm stealing from Apple. Those bastards!

It seems like only Apple is doing any design innovation, though that might be my high saturation, like a close couple who think alike I know what Apple will do next. I predicted a product like Front Row though somewhat more ambitious (my ideas always are) so I'm hoping on that developing further with time. However I think the next big thing will be a PDA, though it won't be a PDA, it will be a small mac the size of a PDA. Anything less would be a waste of time. So this idea will have to wait till technology is in place, this could be a long damn time.

What Apple will not do is release an iPhone, the market is saturated with phones that do everything, the only way to innovate in that space is to make a phone just a phone again, and that's not fooling anyone. It will be a PDA with wireless Skype type capabilities and internet, touch screen sucks, you can't see what your doing cus your fat finger is there, however I propose a touch screen design where indeed the whole screen is responsive to touching but the design allots dynamically and at discretion a space on the screen for tracking finger movement, this could be on the left, at the bottom, wherever and whatever shape whenever is needed. Make the screen an ipod wheel, easy, make just a small box in the corner an ipod wheel, fine. Built in iSight of course! video out? no! it can transmit and receive wifi so it doesn't need any connectors duh!

Can you play Doom3 on it? well that depends on the size of graphics chips, so I doubt it! but you could play UT2004 and that would probably be more fun, but you won't want to do that on the PDA, cus you got a laptop for that right? playing FPS with your finger isn't gonna get you on the leader-board. Playing small games like chess and whack a mole seems more fitting, but if you wanted you could use your bluetooth wireless mouse to play. This thing would be figuratively huge, no one wants a small Windows Longhorn LITE in their pocket, this thing will be god. More disk space? well your iPod is wireless now to, so It's all just connected already!

Skype that will replace these horrid carriers and mobile phones. While I say Skype, Skype will be one a several providers to allow you to talk to the poor folk who are not on the wifi communication band wagon the archaic lot. Phones will be ubiquitous and phone calls will be free, your camera will have a phone, your watch will have phone... forget phones, the future is bright, the future is Apple.

Well my day is done, I have wasted it again, this week is over, lets see how we screw up the next one.

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I seem to have overslept... again. *shrugs*

I need to change the image export to just copy .png's and not convert them so they don't loose alpha.
This means I can post sexy images like:
Ah screw it I just changed the export format to png, so now I have huge images, but they are so pretty!

Images are fun!

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It took me till now to realize I could use my wireless mouse to operate FrontRow, bit of a uh duh moment. This will be nice when I get back to Uni, not so much use here at home. Would be more useful if Apple Trailers would work without 'Movie Server Not Responding' popping up periodically.

Arghahha I have wasted my day again. *sigh*

I must now to be inline with my other scripts, format my date as follows:
Y2006-Mo01-D13, so that it shows up in search results. I have scripts that generate screenshots and app usage data in that format, and I just wrote a script that exports my Calendar to that format, so instantly I can retrieve articles relating to days, months, etc. Which reminds me, I think I might add a boring tag to my diary parser.

I now have on my computer, scripts I wrote that:
Store application activity on a daily bases (how many minutes used per app)
A system to take and compress/resize screenshots every 5 minutes and soon to process into movies
An .RTFD to XML/RSS converter for my this Diary
An iCal to Item script that outputs entries to single files with tags
This all allows me to search for say a month, or a date, or application and show all screenshots, and app usage and diary entries and iCal entries for that.
Thanks to Spotlight and AppleScript

Next up to make a script to rename Adium saved transcripts to show up in results? Maybe that's not so useful.
And to assign a key-press to open the current diary.rtfd file for editing. But not now, because It's 5:45am

Ok I just did the script to open the file and it even scrolls down to the bottom ready to type. Only took 5 minutes


Sleep is such a waste of time.

Hmm just thought maybe I should add a tag system, even if I don't use them, 1 day I might say, remove all Boring text or something, have it just ignore everythign beggining with an exlamation mark or somehting. Oh well off to bed.

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Apparently the phone line outside my bedroom was bust, that is now fixed and we have the phone line back, however the tech guy has inadvertantly cut off the upstairs phone line... just my luck. My dad has since managed to fix that, YAY! however that doesn't seem to include internet... this is cruel! I just phoned Demon after messing with the router for hours, and it turns out, guess what! they are having work done on 4 nodes, including the one I happen to be on... what are the chances... someone doesn't want me to see the Apple keynote, It's a bloody conspiracy.

Yay at last I have internet and I have just finished watching the Apple Keynote.

They are having fun with tag lines


Hmm I just had a thought, I wonder what happens if I drag a movie clip in here....
Oh it doesn't work, though it should... oh well. I have just found that TextEdit has a tendency to randomly name pasted graphics in such a way that breaks the links to them, more fun!

At another time I'll put in a quick image script to convert all the images to jpg as they are currently rather large TIFF's
Ok I couldn't help it, I've added the image compression code now. All works well. Now maybe I can do some work today?

Well at the expense of a few hours excitement over MW I have achieved nothing today, I'm amazed I haven't been that tired today because of how broken my sleep was.

I'm still unsure of my picture/drawing on MySpace. It's funny in It's creepiness, but is it too creepy? in a bad way?

Just thinking about logo designs, and what I could do for a design, I really loved for reasons beyond my understanding the graphic of 3 dots ''95 '95 '95' an ellipsis. They just look good and simple. Unfortunately It's associated with waiting, delays, omission and comes from the greek word ellepein 'to fall short' but otherwise it sounds and looks cool IMO.

Damn the meaning! Maybe I can be clever and combine it with somehting to mean Not/No/Negative ellipsis. One positive thing is it means to remove text so what's left is only what's need to be understood. Which is something I'm a fan of. Also the meaning of this symbol and even It's real name is far from common knowledge.

Oh crap... figures. I\'m not the only person to think It's a cool word.

Turns out It's also the code name for a big patch to fix bugs in Flash MX2004

Yay, I just figured out the whole TextEdit paste naming bug, so now I can paste without worry! total time to code RTFtoXML: 2:30
Hopefully this will be the last post in the diary about the diary


(I sadly doubt it)

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