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Been working on a little something today, I didn't do the modeling, I've just handled the materials, lighting and rendering.

And heres a close up:

Needs more saturation/color in it, the radiator looks kinda odd being too shiny and the Chrome metal is a bit grey in parts and has some not so great reflections.

This job highlighted Vray for C4D's current missing features though

No distributed bucket rendering
No support for material selection tags
No glow post effects, but.. they are naff anyway, that's what we have photoshop for
No support for exluding objects from shadows
No support for independent reflections per material, just needs a environment map projection type shader to put that effect in any channel you wish.
No blending of multiple materials
No support for proximal shader, so shader that based on distance from another object
No volumetric light support
Seemingly broken diffusion, that results in visible squares around buckets with high glossiness as seen below. I couldn't find a way to fix that.

... It's still better than Cinemas renderer though


And I know the next versions fixes a bunch of the above

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