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I've been busy playing all sorts of games since I moved to Intel Mac and thus could install Windows.

All the best games at my finger tips, having never played any of them before really. And most of them I've tired of quickly or simply been distracted by other games more.

Crysis has been the most distracting just because It's so friggingly gorgeous, but I've been over that already, now I have to report that Rainbowsix Vegas and It's sequel have been thoroughly entertaining me.
The controls and the way you can move the player around and shoot from cover and everything is fantastic. And the gameplay is solid, my only gripe is you need a reaction speed beyond human for the highest difficulty which IMO is unrealistic, unless all these terrorists are olympic athletes on the side. If a door opens up and there's a terrorist on the other side and he's looking straight at you, you will not win, you never shoot first... or at least I never do and I have a reaction speed of about 170ms at best... which seems unfair. So really you spend most of the game shooting people in the back or ambushing them, as head to head they really are bastardly quick.

CoD4 is also well worthy of mentioning as It's also fantastic if a bit linear feeling after playing Crysis


And how badass is this car!

GeneralMotors went nuts after the war and designed tons of concept cars, the above is a rather touched up photo of one of them

Some bizarre stuff!

Link: --- gm-motorama-comes-back-to-life-at-pebble-beach

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