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Post Effects in Unity are fun! / Screenspace effects / Image effects / Post Processing etc

Though they often run very very slow on iOS devices if at all, but if some care is taken by reducing the resolution, you can still do some nice things

I edited the built in effects for vignette to well correctly do vignette for a start as vignette does not just mean make the edges blacker, you are simulating a drop in exposure essentially and unless you use HDR this means it will look like mud in a game just uniform ally blackening the edges despite how bright or none bright the contents is. And here Contrast adjustments are your friend so by darkening and increasing the contrast as it gets cooer to the edge you better approximate the 'look' that vignetting has, bright objects stay bright and dark objects get even darker. *feels quite smug for probably being the only person on Earth to have bothered to notice this was wrong and fix it* subtle stuff but it makes it looks nicer, and more photographic:

I also removed the aberration effect from the shader when set to 0 as this kills the performance on iOS. And reducing the resolution for the blur so it runs faster on mobile. End result I am still pulling 50 fps on iPad 4 with vignette with edge blur color correction 4x anti aliasing but only if It's at max 1024x768 ( none retina ) forget doing post effects at retina res just yet


Oh and theres some more fun trying to find where Unity forces the resolution in Xcode source files


Clue it is in 'AppleController.mm' under 'QueryTargetResolution' if you want exact control, just note changing the resolution mid game only works going down res, up res crashes ( known bug in Unity )

And note you can now change framerate from the default lowly 30 with:
Application.targetFrameRate = 60;

Though you will drain more battery

More post effect fun times:

Editor Graphical Bugs:

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