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Simulating camera/eye optical effects and response
lens flares
depth of field
motion blur
lens effects/diffraction
chromatic aberration

-- Examples --

I've learned a ton about color correction/film response simulation and lens blur/bloom/bokeh simulation
For more detail on a project of mine that involved it you can go here:

Link: --- Lens Simulation

I also did a bunch of research into simulating auto-exposure

Fresnel Lens Simulated in Maxwell:

Link: --- fresnel_lens_-


Light splitting, chromatic aberration, rainbows. = pretty!






Link: --- february_rainbow_2006

Some nice real world lens flares:

Link: --- 1026048408

Link: --- 288235379

-- Tools --

Make your own LensFlare by hand in AfterEffects with expressions:

Link: --- lens_flare

Other 2D solutions like Knoll Light Factory:

Link: --- knoll-light-factory-pro


Frischluft : Flair - BoxBlur with Aberrations:

Frischluft Lenscare: Simulated DOF:

Frischluft Lenscare:

Frischluft Lenscare: Distortion around edge:

Frischluft - Fresh Curves
Looks powerful, hopefully It's 32bit as I've been looking a for 32bit powerful curves editor!

Frischluft - ZbornToy


With Maxwell Renders SimuLens tool you can (on any HDR image you feed it) produce a very realistic lens simulation, simulating the aperture and any dirt/obstruction on the lens:

The above was rendered in Vray by me, then color treated and given to Maxwell for the lens effect
You cannot (as far as I see) do your typical cheesy lens flare with the several concentric rings

Some tests of throwing it some brush strokes done in photoshop in 32bit:

Not quite realistic, but adds a nice touch

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