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I've been recently playing Mass Effect, I have to say It's done really well, nice graphics, immersive environments...

Only problem is the combat, just feels... not fun to me, It's almost their and It's getting better as I find better weapons and armor. But I do tend to hate on games where it takes more than a few well placed shots to kill someone, I can excuse this behavior when It's robots/shields etc, but anything else should damn well die when shot in the head. It just doesn't feel like your shots are connecting with anything, It's a complaint I've got with almost all games made since the 90's really, It's really important that when you kill stuff.. it feels lie you killed it, not just.. wore It's body down with bullets and then it fell over. I find it very very annoying. Not to mention It's pretty dull facing an enemy who you have to shoot 100 bazillion times and shows no visible sign you even doing a thing till he just sudden decides he's had enough of being shot in the face. Perhaps if it was more visible you were damaging them it would be better, just need ot feel the connection is being made..no idea how that could
If it had a better more satisfying combat it would be fantastic, but right now success in combat is almost luck, and quite stressful (not the enjoyable kind) theres no suspense, no surprise monster's waiting in darkness to jump out, no real diversity in how you approach combat, no dodging projectiles really, too much being ambushed from all sides and death can sometimes mean being returned right before a cinematic, or right before a long elevator ride... or both.

It's kinda retarded that Marathon is still one of the only games I actually enjoy combat in, other games... it almost gets in the way of what your trying to do.

And the Bungie guys carried that knowledge forward to Halo too which has very good combat too. Epic nailed it on the head with a comment they made once, about games should be fun even when you get killed, weapons should be as fun to kill with as they are to be killed by, being killed should be done in a fun way... everything should be done in a fun way! and it can with some thought. Dying in Mass Effect is more stressful and surprising than anything.. like oh.. I died.. that was sudden, followed by.. oh shit I didn't save for like the last 15 minutes.

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