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My New Shiny Computer!

I bought it from Apple refurb so t was discounting to begin with by a nice amount. Then on top of that I found out from Apple that I a user customized the machine by building to order, such as adding more RAM, it will have those addons for free but no way of knowing. A Rather awesome lucky dip in a way.

And low and behold, it came with 250gb more HD space and a better Graphics Card, the Nvidia 8800 which is $140 / £70 more I think and if it hadn't came with it I was going to go purchase it myself, Id bought it praying that it would come with that card. And to make things even better Apple said it would ship in 2 weeks, but it arrived but days later on my Birthday of all days!

The only feeling of sadness around the machine is I wanted a 3ghz Mac, just cus of the significance of the wholesome number 3 versus 2.8. That and my old G5 was a 2.7ghz chip,so moving from 2.7 to 2.8 seemed a bit lame, despite the fact that this Intel 2.8 actually performs as fast as 2 x 2.7ghz G5 chips (really)

But even that issue has been solved as a few days ago ZDNet released an over clocking tool for MacPro's and mycomputer is now a dizzying 3.1ghz x 8 Cores instead of 2.8ghz

I've also just added some more ram bringing it to a savory 6gb in total. This thing screams, the graphics card is amazingly fast (for games at least under Windows) and chews up anything I throw at it and asks for more please.

The only thing that upsets it is Crysis on ULTRA amazing OMG settings. And It's still playable which is outstanding given how lick-ably gorgeous that game is:

This new computer benchmarks with Vray a whole 6 to 7.5x faster than my Dual 2.7ghz G5 it replaced. And the Graphics card is 3-4 faster at least on basic polygonal models.

The only problem with it now is I find myself in Windows more than Mac (playing games) and that Windows is more disgusting vile and temperamental that id previously thought. Any crash (and you'll have many) can potentially ruin your partition or require a reinstall of the OS. And a reinstall of the OS is a BIG deal unlike Mac. Reinstalling not only takes ages but require you to nanny it thru each step as it periodically find ways to interrupt and ask you questions it could'nt wait till the end to ask. And worse, much worse than that is you have to reinstall EVERYTHING, as all your settings, all your installed programs are severely tied to the installation of Windows itself unlike Mac. It took my around 15 minutes to transfer my entire old comuter to my new one with all my Applications and settings working and intact. The only exception being server stuff like Apache installs and Adobe software cus they also employ an evil Windows like registry system that also.. just like Windows seemingly breaks and require

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Got my eye on this case for my soon to be purchased iPhone:

Link: --- home_en

A case is always going to be a bit annoying but no more so than a small grain of sand obliterating a £300 phone

This case is $80

theres a rather big con though
you shouldn't get the case wet or greasy, and be carefull not to scratch it
I wonder if they sell a protetive cover for the case

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Got my shiny new Harddrive! woop

320gb (300 after formatting boo to that)

no more scrounging for space, however I\'m not going to use it for anything important for a month or so, as if a drive fails it fails in It's first few weeks of life if ever. I'll have to exercise the same caution when I get my new Mac Pro (whenever Apple refresh the line)

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I've been shopping around for 24" LCD's

first of all Apples is clearly the best in terms of looks, and is a pretty darn good display also with one of the best REAL viewing angles

but it has no inputs, so I could'nt use it with my PS3 or Xbox 360... aand It's now a lot more expensive aaand It's not 24" It's 23"

So whats the next best thing.... a Dell??? surely not!

It's been a toss up between a BENQ with It's slightly gay stand and a DELL with It's slightly less gay stand

I can't imagine why It's so difficult for them all to design none crappy stands, but only Apple has a good stand:

I mean what's so hard, a bit of curved metal... simple, elegant, no no, lets make some large piece of curvy plastic, that'll be nice.... *shakes head*

The Apple display is just so sexy in comparison it makes me want to cry.

It's been a nightmare finding out how good/bad the monitors really are with the differing inputs

problems such as wrong letterboxing, flickering, blockyness, plain not working, bad contrast/color, wrong overscanning, no support for 1080, no support for HDCP at 1080 all plague the display depending on if the input is over VGA, DVI, HDMI, Component or Composite, and then differ again depending on if the material is 720p or 1080p or 1080i

any then some of those things differ between models and revisions of those models, of which there are at least 6 alone for the Dell 24"

so in the end, I've given up trying to find out if they work.. none of them do it all properly and may even have huge gaping omissions when it comes to advertised features even working. It really is easier to just buy all of them, and return the ones you don't like. Forget trying to figure it out in reviews.

I at least appreciate why now the Apple display doesn't have all these other inputs, it keeps it simple, and it does what it does very well, people with enough money will simply buy a huge HDTV instead of trying to jam it all onto a computer display, as I would too if I had such funds


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I've been desperately searching for a way to get fast disk access speeds and have discovered many things.

1. RAID-0 means twice as likely to loose data/whole drive

2. RAID-0 isn't even that fast in realworld situations really only improving sustained continuous file read/writing such as duplicating a large video file, which barely makes up for the double chance of data loss

3. High RPM drives are not only very expensive but not very fast either, it will improve seek time but once It's found the data it won't get to you any faster really, only 10-20% faster for 10x the cost

The only solution providing any kind of tangible speed increase is moving to solid state memory which costs uhm... if you have to ask you can't afford it.

£1134 for 128gb

so forget it for another 5 to 10 years

64gb = £567

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