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I was talking with my mate a week ago about what a pure intelliegnce would be, and we basially came to the conclusion that it wouldnt think anything, because there is no need to

And any giant human like intelligence, should it exist, would basically be depressed as it would know everythinig and that would make it miserable, it would also have no real motivation of It's own, I thought this before I saw Hitchikers Guide, but they pegged it brilliantly:

Marvin: I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed.
Trillian: Well, we have something that may take your mind off it.
Marvin: It won't work, I have an exceptionally large mind.
Trillian: Yeah, we know.

Also touched on the concept of personal accountability

Ultimately no one is responsible for there own actions as It's all a product of something else happening prior

These bizarre human concepts fall completely apart when taken out of the narrow band of existence that we experience.

They only help describe the immediate reality we experience, which of course exists only in our own head.

A make believe world of reason/purpose

Ultimately I keep coming back to the same kind of conclusion, and It's not a unique one by far

We only do things we want to do

Reason and purpose exist only in your mind, and ONLY to your own mind

This basically means anything you do, you do for your own reason... anything.

It's not physically possible to do things for someone elses reason, unless they implanted something in your head.

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