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Got my shiny new Harddrive! woop

320gb (300 after formatting boo to that)

no more scrounging for space, however I\'m not going to use it for anything important for a month or so, as if a drive fails it fails in It's first few weeks of life if ever. I'll have to exercise the same caution when I get my new Mac Pro (whenever Apple refresh the line)

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Tags: - C4D - Vray
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I've composed the background render with the previous render of the flowers, so the lighting won't match up and it won't have and shadows, but just to see what it would look like
I'm not liking it at the moment, I\'m hoping that's just because the foreground lighting does'nt gell with the background, but I think I\'m going to have to rethink this.

I think it requires many more vines for it to work, not just 1 spindley one, and I don't think my computer can handle it in a reasonable time frame

Ugh can't get leaves/flowers to look any good

They look all plasticy

This is a bit better

13 Minutes

I may have forgotten to turn on the SKY before rendering this, but all is good it only took 30 minutes


Now ill be able to compare both the aesthetic improvement and the detriment caused to render time by the HDR lighting

I think I\'m going to remove the whole bottom vine, where It's framing the bottom of the image. It's obstructing too much and it looks like shit cus of the low poly count, I could make it higher poly

Took 35 Minutes, so the HDR sky did'nt add much to the render time at all. I've got some odd black leaves now, and the red vines don't go too well, just makes a big red fuzzy mess.

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