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Tags: - C4D - AfterEffects
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Woo Finally finished this animation

Project progress here:

Link: --- Y2006-Mo12-XFactor

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Tags: - C4D - AfterEffects
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Woop, I've started the new year working late and getting into the worst sleeping pattern yet, a great start!

First Draft to Client has been finished woo

Link: --- Y2006-Mo12-XFactor

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Tags: - Photoshop - AfterEffects
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I think I'm gonna extract my website work images from this diary, It's making it rather large!
23 mb so far for this week and 2 days to go. To be fair it compresses to about 3.4 mb as PNG, so maybe I'd better spend my time writing something to compress the RTFD's to PNG. These things are gonna take up a huge amount of space over time.

As always an inspiration

I want take some picts today, with the camera, add something from the real world to this thing. Makes me think I might want to add a function to resize images to a max value and supply a link to the full size counterpart.

Did work on Logo see separate file !LINK:Y2006-Mo1-W04-Logo!LINK

just finished a comp in After Effects:

That is the result in Flash, comes to 128k
I know I can use it as a screensaver on my site!

The new After Effects is ace, the new UI is a huge leap and makes it much nicer and quicker to use.

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