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It took me till now to realize I could use my wireless mouse to operate FrontRow, bit of a uh duh moment. This will be nice when I get back to Uni, not so much use here at home. Would be more useful if Apple Trailers would work without 'Movie Server Not Responding' popping up periodically.

Arghahha I have wasted my day again. *sigh*

I must now to be inline with my other scripts, format my date as follows:
Y2006-Mo01-D13, so that it shows up in search results. I have scripts that generate screenshots and app usage data in that format, and I just wrote a script that exports my Calendar to that format, so instantly I can retrieve articles relating to days, months, etc. Which reminds me, I think I might add a boring tag to my diary parser.

I now have on my computer, scripts I wrote that:
Store application activity on a daily bases (how many minutes used per app)
A system to take and compress/resize screenshots every 5 minutes and soon to process into movies
An .RTFD to XML/RSS converter for my this Diary
An iCal to Item script that outputs entries to single files with tags
This all allows me to search for say a month, or a date, or application and show all screenshots, and app usage and diary entries and iCal entries for that.
Thanks to Spotlight and AppleScript

Next up to make a script to rename Adium saved transcripts to show up in results? Maybe that's not so useful.
And to assign a key-press to open the current diary.rtfd file for editing. But not now, because It's 5:45am

Ok I just did the script to open the file and it even scrolls down to the bottom ready to type. Only took 5 minutes


Sleep is such a waste of time.

Hmm just thought maybe I should add a tag system, even if I don't use them, 1 day I might say, remove all Boring text or something, have it just ignore everythign beggining with an exlamation mark or somehting. Oh well off to bed.

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