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Tags: - C4D - Vray
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Continued toying with Vray here are the results, first with post effects and second without:

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Tags: - C4D - Vray
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Just playing back in C4D with Vray, haven't touched this in years. I miss the relative simplicity and sanity of this work now


I just love Vray, once you know all the things you shouldn't use and set all the defaults up to something sane anyway, which only takes a few years of tinkering to figure out -_-

3D would be super easy for almost anyone if the defaults were even close to useful. Even HDR images for sky are often all incorrectly 'normalized' with the sun being relatively too dim to cast shadows properly. So I wanted to try again at lighting a render as simply as possible, No messing with render quality settings shadow bias's and stochastic samples, none of that hideous rubbish of the past. Just make the scene the correct size, the camera the correct f-stop exposure, and throw in a sky with a bright sun. Simple as it should be. Brute force + Light cache so there is practically not settings or tweaking, and hit render, done. A Vray does it wonderfully, pretty fast too ( at least for a sill )

Now to tax it, throw a stained glass window in front, can it cope... yes it can, wonderfully, go Vray! it gets a bit noisier, but not as noisy as I expected. I think in 3Ds Max Vray you can turn on optimizations for glass to do with bidirectional ray tracing or something too.

Not the worlds most impressive render or scene. But it cheered me up to see me get something simple rendered realistically in about 3 minutes, without having to fiddle of hours like the old days.

I do miss it, I learned so much about 3D rendering and light/materials and never really got to make anything with it. I spent so long fiddling and learning, actually making things got neglected!

Ah and I just found about Light Portals, which should make it even betterer, fancy that.


Screwed something up and added speccy noise, but otherwise looks pretty good!

And then I stumbled on this old website again, the old Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I should totally put my religion as Pastafarian on the next form I fill out

"I welcome you to join me in silent reverence to His Savoriness, the Noodle in the Sky, our Saucy Master, The Flying Spaghetti Monster. May you be forever touched by His Noodly Appendage."

From here:

But I digress, revisiting some old renders with Vray that I am now yet again bored of fiddling with, first with post effects and second without

Just been playing about with Octane Render on Mac with C4D, wow amazing really. Very fast if you have a good card, scary fast, definitely need to look into it more, they seem like a good solid company too.

How many CEO's of Octane can sit on a Stanford bunny.. why as many as wants to:

And realtime cloud based, HTML WEBGL 3D tool!?!?!? for the web:

They are adding Vray Cloud support soon too

And some plastic, cus why not! Couldn't be bothered to get a better scratch map, but you get the idea, 4 hours well spent... thanks to fumbling around trying to figure out why it wasn't working, to find Vray has reflection cutout on by default *shakes fist at sky* why are all the default settings so WRONG!!!

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Tags: - C4D - Vray - Maxwell - 2D - Games
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My R&D into Splitting Light / Dispersion/ Chromatic Aberration using Vray and Maxwell render

These are tests done in Photoshop:

These in Maxwell and Vray:

Could be animated and used for weapon sprites

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Tags: - C4D - Vray - Rhino
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Just playing with materials in vray for c4d... why are there no good standard or 'open source' Material preview scenes?

Maxwell has a real nice one, so I thought id have a go at finding one... turns out you can't nick maxwell as It's LOCKED and I found one for Vray for C4D that has copy protection written all over it... so erm... what's the deal guys? you spent an aftertoon making a material test object and you don't want to share it with others?

Seems gay.

So I've taken the Vray4C4D one as a starting point and improved it a bit. Reason being it was full of glitches... the sort of thing you do not want for material tests!!!

As an exercise I recreated the main ball shape in Rhino for Mac, only just started using it took about 2 hours from first starting it to do.. not too bad for a first model!

Here it is inside Rhino all nurby and infinite resolution... mmmm infiniiite

I unlike certain others, welcome you to the original files so you can adjust and tweak it for yourself.

Just playing with using Brute Force GI + Light Cache, renders fast enough for stills with pretty near perfect quality, no artifacts. Worst case you get a bit of noise... which I quite like even!

Ignore the glitching on the right, My normals were flipped on that one side.. oops!

Experimenting with SSS Sub Surface Scattering... wow this takes long to render:

Yes both renders are incomplete and crapped out at exactly the same point... (ok fixed it now) not happy! something in those unfinished squares was pissing it off something rotten as I left it for houuuurs and it didn't budge...

Ok after some investigation I found a big error on my part, one of the parts of that sphere was duplicated over itself, which Vray's SSS apparently dislikes intensely.

The highlight on the ball is pretty bad looking, horrible pinkish dull highlight... oh well otherwise It's looks very delicious!


Oh and now just for kicks, I've been thinking about displaying my renders in a more 3D manner, holographics/rabbit holes, stereo vision glasses, panning via animation, parallax mapping etc etc

So here is a simple render for red/blue glasses:

Or if you like your color intact and you can cross your eyes and focus independently (takes some practice) you can cross your eyes at this:

Hah, fancy that, youtube has built in 3D support:


You can choose to view certain videos in variation of different methods such as red/blue or cross-eyed. How very cool, now if only I had a monitor capable of polarization then we'd be cooking.

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Messing in 3D, just took a few quick photos of the room I'm in at multiple exposures, merged them together to make a 32 bit HDR, then had a play at lighting a scene and some glass objects I made using that image. The 6 ceilings lights cast the appropriate 6 varying shadows as they do in the real room, along with fancy soft penumbra? shadows youd expect, renders very fast too thanks to Vrays image based Area Light. Normal global illumination would take AGES, now lighting a scene using an image is easy!

In fact, the scene has no bounced light in it at all. No point with the nature of the scene really.

Before post work

I have a big shiny Chrome ball, photographing that:

Can then be used to light a room by turning it into a spherical panorama:

Clearer look at the multiple shadows it casts and the interesting natural variance they have, more interesting than boring predictable uniform spotlight any day.

Though of course lighting an object with 6 horrid halogen ceiling lights is going to look pretty awful in an artistic sense, It's interesting in a recreation of reality sense.

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