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More Vray goodness:

Just found out about LWF (Linear Workflow) which is a method of setting things up for correct color/saturation. By default GI tends to bleed color all over the place and look over saturated.

For the first time I've been modeling things to scale, and setting up lights and the sun with real values. This should eliminate the guess work needed to render things properly.

Though ill admit I still have no skill at using the physical camera


The above looks pretty good till I tell you It's meant to be White paint on the walls.

Bit noisy.

Just working on a possible design for a paint company in europe.

Just a quick mockup in Photoshop

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Just having a mess about creating some kind of Architecture/Game level type thing.

This really is just a mess about, no planning just toying with the tools to see what's feasible/possible with ease.

More detail and images under: Misc / Level

Below is a QTVR made using Vray's box camera:

Just messing about

12 minutes to Render

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Aptitudes, most of us have them I presume... if not all.

Though they can be elusive, what tickles your fancy, what floats your boat, what what you enjoy doing most, enjoy even if you did it badly? even if you weren't the best at it, you'd still enjoy doing it.

It's a question I've been asking myself.

I love creating stuff, that much is evident. I've probably gone over it all before, how I like creating things that transport people somewhere, that evoke emotion. That is after all what all art is meant for is it not. Music is meant to change your mood, to take you someplace or to compliment how you currently feel. I've thought before about technicaly what would best medium for that be, what would be most effective. Music and Cinema top the list by far. And Cinema with Music easily wins and no doubt will remain king till we devise ways to tap directly into your mind. Of course Games are in effect realtime interactive cinema in a way, so they should be the most effective, and sometimes this is true, but the majority of games I feel do not suspend disbelief, do not transport you emotionally and just fail to evoke emotion... at least with most FPS.

The lighting is one big reason for this, It's bad, It's poofy blurry and unrealistic of late. Now everything is trying to be super dynamic, it looks much worse for it. But it will get better real soon as they perfect realtime global illumination and even baked GI is coming back in fashion now that they have realized how stupid bump mapping looks without good lighting to go with it (Doom)

I'm not about to go produce a film, so cinema is out of the question, though FX reels and 3D animation compositions set to obligatory banging techno music shouldn't be discounted.. that I might enjoy.

But what I'm thinking of right now is Architecture. Not that boring prefab stuff that will fall down in 100 years. Not that 'landmark' outrageous symbolistic architecture designed to brand a city and invite tourism... no no... I\'m talking the virtual kind. The kind that doesn't need to stand up to weather and rain. Doesn't need working ventilation, It's only need is to be aesthetic.

We have galleries filled with photography and painting. Should we have hollodecks, id imagine the same thing existing for places and architecture. The Physical building of structure is costly and lengthy, It's far from iterative, and I'm all about the iterative design.

Games seem to be ever increasing detail focussed, you can't see the wood for the trees or the level for the decals and instanced mechanical shapes.

Thats a large sweeping statement, It's not all bad... but most of it is. Most level designers seem to have no artistic ability. They may know a lot about weapon placement and flow, but have the aesthetic sensibility of a dried raison.

Add a corridor here, another over there, then instead of designing it, just throw in some pipes, grills, vents, panels and random lights and It's a level.

Most people probably don't even know what real Architecture is, they may never have even seen it.

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Inspiration

This guy gets it:
Santiago Calatrava

I've visited some of his buildings in Valencia and It's amazing stuff (some of the above photos of my visit, I took like millions of photos!). Like your on a some giant futuristic film set. But It's simple, elegant and somehow stands up against gravity.

Stuff id even struggle to draw and grasp the shape of in my head, are built out of large very real tonnages of concrete, It's what Architecture should be in my opinion.

Anyhoo, to tie it all up. I've noticed I like architecture, a good deal, having been introduced to the real stuff. So right now what floats my boat is racing fast cars and building massive epic cool ass buildings/places. And I'm not doing either of them professionally or even hobbying in them.... so something is wrong, something has to change!

Games are about to get an injection of realism that should bring back the emotion and sense of place/space that's currently lacking as global illumination/radiosity whatever you call it, makes it into games in a big way, and hopefully bump mapping will die off and become the subtle effect it should only ever have been.

What place is their in the world for someone who makes building just to walk around them, just to look at them. Cars are somewhat regarded as the epitome of product design a lovely excuse to create a beautiful evocative form, with the benefit of grossing large sums of money. Functional technical and artistic master pieces:

Car pornography above in the form of the Aston Martin DBS/9

I'm going to go ahead and make a bold future prediction for which I may look either silly or ingenious for in the future.

People buying and selling virtual architecture/products of all shapes and sizes...

Sounds silly.. people are doing it already to a degree in virtual worlds such as SecondLife

People are making real money selling virtual produce. Maybe that's the future... maybe that's where I can make my millions doing something I'm passionate about.

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